Monday, May 08, 2006

Birmingham, Birmingham I Hear You Calling Me

Rain, Rain, Rain and then some more rain. But has it dampened my over the top enthusiasm for life today??.....I want to shout an enthusiastic NO but I guess dear ones that I have to stick with my pledge to be honest in all my dealings (I have had enough lies in the past couple of years to last me a lifetime - and yes, I am as guilty of telling lies as I am of tolerating lies being told to me.) The rain has slightly dampened my spirits, but by way of compensation I have dressed up. Something I may not have mentioned before on this blog is that I am a girly-girl. I love pink, pretty things and looking good. So in honour of my pledge to try to always look my best when I am out in the big wide world (and doesn't being on the other side of the world qualify unequivally!!!) I am in a flippy skirt, pretty pink twin set and my favourite hat and gloves. Yup and outfit that would drive Fian's ex nuts. In her opinion I shouldn't wear pretty things because I am not a "perfect size 8". I say Bleeeccchhhh to that.

Well I am on a public internet computer in Birmingham Library so I can't go into the details of our attempt at entry into the esteemed Mile High Club however be it known that we have probably qualilfied for associate membership....

Today I am walking around the city and following some walking trails on a brochure - that and going to look at beautiful art in the gallery and then, yup a littly nanny nap cause I'm still really tired. Mind you, being awake at 1am has it's advantages.... *winks and reminds herself that the details are not appropriate for a public library internet access*!!!!!

grins and hugs kd... will let you tell me the non-public version of your associate membership when you get here hon.

As for the not 'perfect size 8'... me neither.. but then I've always said you can never have too much of a good thing... winks.

and, pretty in pink... remembers to order the pink champagne for your welcome dinner!!

love and hugs to you both xxxxx
Thanks Elle,
*hmmmm licks lips in anticipation of pink champagne*!!! lol
We are so excited about our visit! Of course if we ever stop being tense about what to do when we leave Birmingham...we are having so much trouble deciding what to do!!! I think it's a case of being spoilt for choice.

See you soon
kd.. another sure not perfect size 8 here... and I love wearing clothes that I like... grin... I own 2 pink shirts... one ohhhhhhh so cute and one pretty naughty... so DragonM has his preferations... but dress the way you feel good, and to hell with nasty ex wives....

as about were to go... the only place in the UK I ever visited was Scotland.. and when I was there the weather was fantastic..

you enjoy your time... and have fun... and grin, when you find a discrete connection.. please more info on the 5 mile high club....

Hey that title, Birmingham, Birmingham I hear you calling me, isnt that a song?? Do you know what it is call ed or the artist??
The song is "Birmingham" by John Paul Young...find it in Youtube
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